The huge garden we call

Latin America

For us, Latin America is like a huge garden where we find the richest ingredients, full of flavor, color, and functional properties. 


With this amazing raw material, we are able to produce all-natural artisan quality food that contributes to good health and sustainability through our virtuous network and collaboration in the agricultural communities and environment. 


The satisfaction of bringing health and wellbeing, along with good food to this land and it´s people draws a permanent smile on each and every one of us here at Smiley Kids.


The Smiley Way.

Our destiny brought us to Latin America, a magical place, abundant in noble raw materials with marvelous properties.  We are parents, and for this reason we want to deliver healthy food to our children, especially from an early age. 


This is why we decided to form a company using food inspired by this abundant region, to develop rich, natural and beneficial food for your health, yet practical and convenient for today's lifestyle. 


This is all made possible through fair trade, partnered with small farms from these diverse regions.

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from the garden, to your hands

the best from nature

Tropical Leaves



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